चलो जलाएं दीप वहाँ,
जहाँ अभी भी अँधेरा है!

अखंड भारतवर्ष

बचपन से ही मेरा सपना,
पढ़ना लिखना और पढ़ना

अखंड भारतवर्ष

अखंड भारतवर्ष

Our Resolve हमारा संकल्प

To keep indian and Indiam alive, it is necessary to build Akhand bharatvarsh . It will inclued some secular countries and Muslim countries, 'Akhand Bharatvarsh' will be able to unite India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Altogether ir will be a strong political and economic forum on nine countries. These 9 country Navnidhis 1.Padma Nidhi, 2.Mahapadma Nidhi, 3.Neel Nidhi, 4.Mukunda Nidhi, 5.Nanda Nidhi, 6.Markar Nidhi, 7.Kachhap Nidhi, 8.Shanks Nidhi, 9.kharva or Misra Nidhi is like.

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Letter From ABF Research Team

Our aim is not only to make doctors, engineers, collectors, leaders, actors etc. but also to create components dedicated or society and human welfare like humanity morality, patient prudent and patriot. It is not enough for a strong nation to be.